A Confession of the Faithfulness of God

I thank You, Father, that I am never alone…Jesus is always with me.

He will never leave me – and all of my life, He will never forsake me!

He will never forsake me… Because like God’s Word, Jesus is faithful and true…  To the end of all things, He is faithful and true!

Therefore I will not be afraid…

Though a mountain rises before me to stand in the way- I will not be afraid!..

I will not be afraid nor uncertain.. about the outcome of anything I face….

Though a storm may blow long and hard… I thank You Father God.. that You are with me and for me!…  So then, who – or what – can possibly succeed against me?

Even when failure appears eminent… as the enemy’s attacks are relentless….

But as I hold in my heart.. and in my mouth, the very sure Words of God – and with them do oppose every accusation and operation of the devil against me.. I am not uncertain of the outcome of anything which I face…

For God is with me and for me..whom shall I fear or of whom shall I be afraid? As I give thanks to God.. which always causes me to triumph in Christ Jesus!

For it is He who holds my hand.. saying.. “Fear not – for I am with you.. Do not be dismayed or discouraged, for I AM your God.  I will strengthen you – Yes, I WILL help you!  I WILL uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness.!” (Isaiah 41:10)….

SO.. as for me…I WILL praise Him who is the health of my countenance and my God.  I WILL delight myself also in His Word upon which He has caused me to hope….

And in my hope, I shall not be disappointed… For what He has promised, He is able also to perform!   And I am confident that every word He has spoken, He WILL  bring to pass.. as I keep my eyes on Him and His word in my mouth!

And if I stumble and get off track, His right hand will lift me up again…. He will lift me up again and help me get back on track… because He is there when I call… I KNOW He never leaves me…nor will He ever forsake me…  Therefore I WILL call on Him forever.. Jesus the faithful One!

For if God has said I win..then I win..as long as I walk the storms of life out with Him!

And even as Jesus’ victory was – not apparent – to many, on the day they laid Him in the tomb … Even so are many of the victories which we wait for in Him!

For God is faithful.. and many are the blessings of those who trust in.. AND.. wait on Him!

Note:  After I published this post, a friend called me “to make sure I was okay”!  She feared that I was in a real storm that she didn’t know about…  So I decided that it would be good and helpful for me to come back to this post and explain that “Yes, I’ve been through many storms of life, but I know whom I have come to trust and this post is simply something that the Lord put into my spirit – to encourage anyone that is going through some storm in their life – that they can indeed trust Jesus.   He has become so dear to me and truly He is my Help.. and my Counsellor through any time of uncertainty – as He wants to be .. and will be.. to any and all who call upon Him.






Growing in Christ…. In The Place and Time Of Transition

Sometimes the Lord wants to take us to a new place in Him – a good place, a better place – than where we are at in our present relationship and walk with Him… and we think “Hey, that’s great”… but when things begin to feel  different”.. perhaps even a little strange.. We begin to wonder “what’s going on… and “where am I missing it”?

It’s a time of transition…but on the way… as we begin to feel “different” –  it can be quite uncomfortable – almost like we have lost some of the good things that He has already put into us!…. But in this time that is intended for growth and healthy change.. we have old wrong attitudes and habits that do not “fit” the new place He wants to take us to.  These wrong attitudes and habits are things that He wants to help us see – and turn loose of.. so that we can follow Him on in to that new place in Him that He is calling us to walk in.

We may feel alone in the place of transition – but God has never turned loose of us!  And it is in this time of feeling “different” – perhaps even feeling that we’ve lost our way – that we must learn to choose to take and use from the table God has prepared for us…..  It is right there before us… But we have to learn to choosein the very midst of the pressure that our flesh is feeling (in particular our emotions) – to take from that table He has set before us…

For like money in the bank – it does us no good until we reach out and draw on it…In this case we need to draw on and use the “tools” He has given us to use in the good fight of faith that we are called to walk … Tools like giving thanks, worship and praise to God.. as well as learning to  respond to our negative feelings and emotions.. with the word God has spoken concerning the time or situation we are in.  All of these are “tools” God has set before us… tools that will get us to the other side of the “crisis” we feel.

All of these things are “on the table before us” as a part of our provision/our authority in Christ..  And so much greater is this provision that Jesus “bought” for us than any thing that the enemy can throw at us…. For as we look to Him.. God is working all around us!… To say that He is not (simply because what we see is an unfinished work) – is to deny His faithfulness… It is to embrace the lie of our adversary (I Peter 5:8,9)… And to do that is to choose defeat….

For ultimately, we will win if we do not quit!  (Galatians 6:9)…Thus we take our stand – we take our stand on what God has said and done for us… “And having done all to stand – we stand – on the everlasting word of God! –  (especially the Rhema words that He has given to you for a particular situation )… given you for fighting the good fight of faith!!

But many times – instead of using the tools that God has provided for us – we choose to call somebody to pray for us…(I know because that is what I always used to do!)  And it is not “wrong” to call for prayer support –  but – ultimately we each have to learn (at some point) to stand and use what God has already provided for us  …. in order to continue.. GROWING IN CHRIST… a place and a transition that you will like!


When Words Alone Are Not Enough

There are times when our words simply fall short of adequately expressing the thanks that we feel…. I found myself in just such a “place” a few days ago while I was praying with a close friend….

As I listened to the words of thanks coming out of their heart and into their mouth – my heart too, began to swell with thanksgiving and the growing realization.. that I would NEVER  be able to find enough words to thank God for Jesus my Savior – and all the prayers He has answered, and all the good things that He has done for me and brought into my life…..Then in the midst of that realization.. I heard Him speak this scripture in my spirit ..“What shall I render (give in return) to the Lord for all His benefits toward me?” Psalm 116:12 – Then He Himself answers that question in the very next verse as He tells us “to take the “cup” of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord.”…..

What does that mean?  He is simply telling us to acknowledge Him.. acknowledge His benefits and blessings – even those things/benefits (Psalm 103:1-5; Ephesians 1:3; II Peter 1:3) that came to us – and belong to us when we receive Jesus into our life.  In Ephesians 1:16-19  He even tells us how to pray that we might more fully see and understand these things….

To give a simple example, God is “like an earthly father” who loves His children, gives them certain benefits and blessings…. And all that father asks of those children is that they recognize and remember that He gave those things to them… AND USE THEM… call on Him for what  they need from those benefits He has told them belong to them as His sons and daughters.

So, how can I thank Him when words alone are not sufficient to express my thanks  for all the benefits He has given to me?…  I think perhaps better than anything more I could say to answer that here – would be to share what God says to us in His word in III John verses 2-4….

(Paraphrased) “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health… even as you renew your thinking to the truth which I have spoken unto you… I rejoice greatly to know that the truth is in you – and that you are walking according to it.  I have no greater joy than to know that My children walk in truth.”  That – in a nutshell – expresses what He wants and needs from us – when our words alone are not enough.



Thanksgiving – A Day to Celebrate…. and an Attitude to Cultivate


One day as I began to ponder “why” I should be feeling a little “dull and testy” when nothing was actually “wrong” with my day…. I heard something  in my spirit – which was this – “The secret to keeping things fresh and new.. is a thankful heart”…..  

And now having gotten my attention, the Spirit of God began to add more to what I had just heard! …… It was to this effect…..”The secret to keeping things fresh and new – is a thankful heart”….. And having a thankful heart is also the secret to walking in and letting patience have its perfect(ing) work in your life… Which thing the Word of God tells us is very important – i.e. “Count it all joy when you fall into different kinds of temptations, knowing this – that the trying of your faith worketh patience….. But let patience have her perfect work – that you may be perfect (complete) and entire, lacking nothing.” (James 1:2-4).

In thinking about it, I can see how that having an overall thankful heart attitude makes it much easier to be patient … with things and with  people  …. Because we know that patience is the secret to possessing your own soul (the mind, will, and emotions)  Luke 21:19….. So a thankful heart makes it easier for you and me to stay in control of our own thoughts and actions….    

I am beginning to see that developing a thankful heart is the foundation upon which other strong and desirable qualities in our life are built.   I am not generally an ungrateful person, but I see today that there is still room for (and cause for ) improvement in having this irreplaceable heart attitude of thankfulness….   (Do you suppose that this could be one reason why God – in His love for us – has commanded us to give thanks and be thankful?)

I hope this that I just shared with you will cause you – as it did me- to check out the attitude of your heart and see if there is room in you for more of this wonderful virtue of a thankful heart ….. It just might be the very thing that is needed for the opening of some other doors for you!

Thanksgiving – a day to celebrate….. and an attitude to cultivate!