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As the Apostle Paul once said, “I’ve not arrived yet – but I am  still pressing forward to know Jesus more” ….I could also say that – and add that I’ve come a long way from where I started. That’s the reason I’m doing this blog!.. I want to help  others who are walking in some of the places that I have walked – and could use a little help to  keep moving forward in their relationship with God.

My heart is full to share things that have helped me and blessed me along the way.  I remember and feel very keenly the longing …. just to hear Him!  I’m hearing much better now – and I’m still hungry to go further – but at least now I know more about “how to press in to get there!”

Jesus is my Savior – and I have had such an incredible journey getting to know Him that I have a lot  of things to share!  Mistakes – yes, I’ve made them – but I have come such a long way since I received Jesus in 1978….. I was a young single mother then, and boy did I need Him!  I needed the change that knowing Him began to bring – and in the years that followed, I received a lot of His wonderful healing.  I began also to receive some of the “gifts” that God’s word says belong to us ……  and on this blog I will share out of the particular gifts that He has given me.

To be a little more descriptive about the things you will find on this blog,   I can tell you that it will include:  Inspirational writings, Psalms and poems – which I write as I hear;  also writings of personal worship, practical tips on some things we need to do – and short teachings on subjects that the Spirit of God has laid on my heart to share.  The substance of what He shares with me as I fellowship with Him is what I will share with you on this blog.  

I welcome anyone and everyone who visits this blog – and your input through comments  or questions is welcomed and valued.  I am very glad you are here!

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