The following is a favorite poem that He gave me “a long time ago.”

                   THE PERFUME OF HIS PRESENCE

The perfume from the ointment in the broken vessel …..                                                  Was – and Is – God’s presence.                                                                                                      We are His temple …….                                                                                                                      For the bible says “God dwells in this vessel;”                                                                        And once the vessel is broken                                                                                                  The fragrance of His presence can begin to come through.

The brokenness can be little – or it can be great ….                                                             There can be “just a crack”….                                                                                                       Where only the faintest odor can get through …                                                                 Or we can yield to Him more fully – and let all that wonderful                                     fragrance of life eternal come through.

But until the vessel is broken,                                                                                                       the fragrance is “locked up within” ……                                                                                     Where no one can smell it, and no one can benefit ……                                                   “from the beauty of Him.”

He is like “:the perfect rose” – and the loveliness of the lily too ….                                 Jesus, You Are ….. all the wonderful fragrance of this life anew.                                 And it is ours to hold within, but …..                                                                                           this odor of “life unto life” that delivers from death –                                                         Was not meant to be kept ….. just for yourself.


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