Adding Today – A New Section to this Blog Site – “Daily Bread”….

This new section of very brief devotional writings or “nuggets” of wisdom from God’s Word will be listed as “Daily Bread”…. with a subtitle following which serves to define the content of that particular writing. It’s purpose is to share some good things that can be read in just a couple of minutes – for those days when you just don’t have time to take in one of my longer posts. So look for the title “Daily Bread” under Recent Posts (on the right side of blog posts – OR on the Menu above the picture of the sunrise) …. The first one is posted below.

Daily Bread….. Taking the Sword of the Spirit

Take the Sword of the Spirit – which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17) and cut off those things that the enemy has planted….  to bring harm to you in some way – or to separate you from the promises of God.

As a believer, you can do this…… You can do this because the Word of God effectually  (actively and powerfully) works in those who believe -(Thessalonians 2:13).  You believe – and therefore you speak according to what you believe….. That is how you “take the sword of the spirit” to bring about what God has said.

You can do this because God’s Word changes things where nothing else can!….. the reason being that it can go places and reach people or things where nothing else can!  So take heart when you find yourself in a situation that looks impossible…. for you bring God into a situation when you take His Word as the weapon you fight with!

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