Daily Bread – The Room of Fellowship with Him

Greater and higher in His thinking than you and I…. but God is “a Person.”… He speaks, He moves, He loves.. And wonderfully – you and I are the aimed recipients of His love, His awesome miracles… and the voice of His Spirit as He speaks to us.  Indeed, God created you and me with this very fellowship in mind…

Actually He has invited each one of us to be a part of His family….. In John 14:2 Jesus tells us that “In My Father’s house (household, estate, family) are many rooms…..

( NOTE:  I know that most Christians are accustomed to hearing the word “mansions” at the end of that verse – but in the original Greek,  the word “rooms” is used in the definition BEFORE the word “mansions” – so that either word could correctly be used here….  But to make the point that He once showed me about this scripture,  I will use the word “rooms”…….)

“In My Father’s house/family are many rooms”…. There are enough “rooms” in My Father’s  house for every person who ever lived to have a room that is his or her very own…. No one else can ever have the fellowship with God the Father in that room….Because that room – every one of those rooms – is intended for one person alone…. It is our room alone… my room , your room – alone…. That is how much He loves and wants to have a place of unique fellowship with you, with me, and with every person who has ever lived.

Each one of us is called to be that special to Him… It is a place of fellowship to be filled… But if you and I do not fill that room of fellowship with Him,      it is – and will remain – an “UNANSWERED” and “UNSATISFIED”  empty place  in our life… that we both live and die with .. without Him….

But, thanks be to God – if you are reading this, there is still time to receive Jesus as Savior  – and choose to begin spending time in your room of fellowship with Him!


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