The True Meaning of Christmas and It’s Gifts

In the wonderful country in which I live – as well as in some other countries around the world, we have the freedom to celebrate Christmas and other holidays in our homes pretty much as we each choose to…. but because I’ve been hearing quite a bit of rhetoric lately about “the real meaning of Christmas”… I thought it good to share both some thoughts – and some facts on that subject.

“Christmas” is composed of two words: “Christ” and “mas’….”Christ” being defined in your standard dictionary as “the anointed Messiah”- and “mas” is defined as “a specified festival or celebration”.  When you put those two words together into the one word “Christmas”.. Christmas obviously means “a celebration of Christ, the anointed Messiah.” It has meant that since the first time it was celebrated – and it still means that today….

So, why would people who do not even believe the gospel of Jesus Christ enjoy celebrating Christmas?.. It’s really not that hard to understand… People like to give…Giving feels good! ..It IS good! ..And who among us does not like to be on the receiving end of that giving?.. We all do – because giving is good and receiving is fun!….Maybe that is why that in Luke chapter 2, the angelic host proclaimed  “tidings of great joy to all people”.. peace on earth and good will toward men” – as they announced the birth of the Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”…..

God gave us this Savior for a reason… He loved.. so He gave.. He gave His Son to be the mediator between God and man… He so loved that He made a way for man to be reconciled to right relationship with Him.  God gave this gift of love to all men – but to those who reach out and receive this gift of God in Jesus Christ the Anointed One/Savior/Messiah – there is a very special joy as we celebrate Christmas… For truly knowing Jesus has never been a disappointment to anyone… He is the ultimate gift – the one that truly “keeps on giving”… He came that you might have a new birth in Him – and life eternal… And He made it simple – you just ask for this new life in Him… It is 
“the gift of God to you.” 

The bottom line is this: We can all celebrate Christmas the way that we choose  – but nothing can change the true meaning of “Christmas.”


To all who read this, I wish good things to you and those you love as you gather to celebrate the Christmas season…And if you’ve never done so – I greatly encourage you to call upon this Messiah, Jesus to become your personal Savior…. For as you do, you will understand like never before – the true meaning of Christmas.

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