A New Song For A New Year

Can you believe that it’s already the middle of February?…. But here we are..

We’ve made the switch from the old year to the new..

But early on into the year 2016 –

God gave me a thought about that.. which I’d like to share with you…

It is..that..sometimes there are some new things we can add to our life..or do

Things that don’t have to be hard to keep – like the resolutions you’ve already “canned” – and left behind you!

It could be as simple a thing as getting some new music – or changing what you routinely watch on TV….

You might try putting a different picture on your wall – one that voices pleasant things and lends to peace – especially if your job and lifestyle is a busy or hectic one…

Those few things are just thoughts that came to me as I write – because the thing that the Lord actually said to me was about getting the new music…

And He even explained “WHY” this can be a good idea for some people…. especially if you know it’s time to move into some new things that God’s already laid out for you…. (We’re talking here about “good things” – not about chucking responsibility!)

In a nutshell.. the reason we may need the new fresh music.. is this… Our “OLD” music has “our emotional ruts” imprinted all over it…. Think about it – the music that we listen to.. deeply affects our emotions.. and we tend to go to the same music time after time.. knowing how it will make us “feel” before we even get there….

And if that is NOT a good thing for you – or – you just need to get “a different mindset” to be a little more ready for some new challenges or mountains to climb…  that He’s adding to move you a little higher…. Then this small change can be very helpful and you’ll love it as well…

And that – in a nutshell – is the reason you might want  to bring in some fresh music which could help redirect your thinking and get you ready for a new thing this year … That’s why God gives some of us a new song for a new year!



And I would like to add this scripture which just came to me – for any Christian who frequently feels down (25-30 years ago – that was “me”..That’s awhile ago, but I can still remember how it feels!) …. So, I want to share this scripture which speaks of the value that a new song can bring to your life and also affect the lives of others…..

Psalm 40:3  “He has put a “new song” in my mouth – even praise unto God... Many shall see and fear.. and trust in the Lord.” (He did this for me – when He brought me out of a “horrible pit” and set my feet upon a Rock – and established my goings.”.. Psalm 40:2)  Glory be to God!  He IS incredible!




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