A Practical Tip for Getting the Word in You

Today, I want to share a very practical thing that you can do which has helped me tremendously in getting more of the Word of God in me with very little effort on my part.   In fact, I have so felt the benefits of doing this – that 20 years after I first started  – I still do it to make the most of my time!

What I am referring to is listening to the word of God on CD (or other device as you please) during the night.  I started out programming one book of the bible to repeat, started it  playing as I went to bed and just let it play all night long.   I keep the volume at a lower “pleasant” level as I sleep.  I had little or no trouble getting accustomed to this low level “noise” going as I sleep.  In addition to that I would tell you that even though I generally sleep easily and well – I have found it to be helpful to just relax and listen quietly when I happen to go to bed extra tired – and I seldom get to listen to a whole book of any size without going to sleep before it gets to the end.

Do you actually hear it/does it actually help?  YES!   I asked the Lord that question myself – more than once – and He graciously let me see that indeed I was hearing and getting as much out of it as if I were reading it during the day.  More than once I woke up and found myself in my mind beginning to speak the next words that would be playing – BEFORE – they were actually spoken on the CD….. and this happened with verses of scripture that I was not real familiar with – so you can see that the Word is being “heard and hidden” inside you as you let yourself hear it being spoken over and again.

Is this to be a “substitute for setting and reading the Word where you draw aside to spend time with the Lord?  NO – it is not a substitute, but a very helpful and profitable “supplement” to that.  

And I would also advise you to keep a notebook and pen at your bedside – (or a recording device you can speak into) – BECAUSE – many times when I am first waking up (or during the night at times)  the Spirit of God will quicken one or more of the scriptures to me – and I am careful to jot down enough of it so that as soon as I can, I will set down with the bible and go to that particular scripture and start reading and listening for anything that He wanted to show me about it.  Sometimes the scripture that was quickened is for direction that I needed or holds the answer to a question I have asked Him

This that I have just shared with you has helped me immeasurably to get the Word of God in me – and I would be very very pleased if this little shared tip helps someone who is reading this.  God bless and keep you!

……….and have a good night!

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