Available to All – the Door to Fellowship With God

There I was – so many years ago – “pondering” how this could be…                Someone so “big” – and so “mighty”- as to bring all this about – even all of  creation that we can see …. It stymies the mind! …… just to try to figure it all out!

But our mind has it’s limits – ie. there is “a stopping place”……..                               Where reason can take us no further –                                                                                 than the proof we have from tasting and seeing……. Who God IS …… when we fellowship with Him! …. and the miracles that happen when we “believe and pray.”

Miracles that come in all  “sizes and shapes” – and far too many – (and too accurate as they are seen to fit the need) – for it to just be circumstance or chance – all these miracles that I have seen…                  And that “taste” that I just mentioned – nothing on earth carries that kind of atmosphere! …..  like that when you sit or stand in His presence.  Indeed – something that tastes so wonderful is definitely there!…….  No other way to explain it – God’s presence – with the aura it carries – so incredibly   unique and certainly “unforgettable”…. it astounds me – that the God of all the earth – the great Creator – who so loves us, would meet you and I there!

What else, Father – (Father of my born again spirit) – could I tell them? …….          How can I explain ‘YOU’ to someone who doesn’t know You – and thinks they don’t want to …. are even “bent” on not believing!  But it is even as Your Word says – the “natural man” cannot know – has no way of receiving – the things of Your Kingdom and of Your Spirit …….

That is – except a man should ponder who You are – (and “if” You are) –       For in such a case, Father God – You are not far from any one of us –                       When we become open to know the truth – about You – and Your Kingdom …..   For You set  “a Door” there in that place – a door for the truth to come through!     We can try another way – God gave you and I that choice – but Jesus is the  door that God set in place – to which Jesus testifies – “I am the way,  the truth,  and the life.”  (John 14:6)

Why then does a man “fight”? ….. and even vehemently oppose ….. the very life that God chose – to make a man whole?

Indeed it is time – time to “be still and know”- to ponder His existence -Even whether it be so!! …….. Then end it all by asking “if You are real, please let me know – dear Jesus – if You be the Son of God – reveal to me that it is so” … Lest I resume this long search …. and finally come to my end – empty and void of all the life that You, Father God, did intend.

But here today – with all my heart I give you to know – that He is as real as the bible tells us so……  and that door to fellowship with Him is available to all men!

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