A Heart Attitude – a Secret Worth Paying Attention To

The following is what the Lord gave to me this morning as I pondered why I should be feeling a little “dull” and “testy” ( which is a “flesh” thing/feeling.)…..

As I just began to ponder “the why” for such feelings – I picked up on something in my spirit – which was this….. “The secret to keeping things fresh and new – is a thankful heart.”  

(And now having my attention, He began to add more to what I had just heard!) ……

…… And having a thankful heart is also the secret to walking in and letting patience have its perfect(ing) work in us – which the Word of God tells us is very important – ie. “Count it all joy when you fall into different kinds of temptations – knowing this- that the trying of your faith worketh patience….. So let patience have her perfect work – that you may be perfect (complete) and entire, lacking nothing.” (James 1:2-4).

In thinking about it, I can see how that having an overall thankful heart attitude makes it much easier to be patient – with things and with  people  ….  And we know that patience is the secret to possessing your soul (which is your mind, will, and emotions) – Luke 21:19.  Think about that one….. and the fact that  a thankful heart makes it so much easier to be patient!

So …. I see that developing a thankful heart is indeed the foundation from which other strong desirable qualities in our life are built upon.   I am not generally an ungrateful person, but I see today that there is still room for (and cause for ) improvement in having this irreplaceable heart attitude of thankfulness.  It is a wonderful virtue and a true strength of character…..which God in His love for us admonishes us to make it our heart attitude ….

“Forbear and forgive one another where there has been a quarrel – put on love in action!  Then let the peace of God rule in your heart… and be ye thankful.” Colossians  3:13-15  (paraphrased).

I hope this that I just shared with you will cause you – as it did me- to check out the attitude of your heart and see if there is room in you for more of this wonderful virtue of a thankful heart ….. It just might be the secret you need for the opening of some other doors for you!



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