These 3 Things — About that 3rd Thing – Praying in the Spirit

“If I pray in an unknown tongue – my spirit prayeth – but my understanding is unfruitful.  What then? ….  I will pray with the spirit, and  I will pray with the understanding also.”   ( I Corinthians 14:14, 15a )

In the post on March 7th, I began to share with you about the three things have really helped me grow in the area of developing the ear of my spirit to hear…..  (I want to hear when God has something to say – don’t you?) In several of the posts since March 7th, I have shared a little with you about the first two of those 3 things  – one being: personal worship where you spend time alone with the Lord – giving thanks and worshiping Him. … And the other of the first two things being – getting alone to spend time with God in His Word – so that you come to understand the true value of it.

I would also tell you this about those first two things – which is that in spending time in personal worship and alone with God in His word – it is there that you will learn the “taste” of His presence more than anywhere else….. and knowing that “taste” is very important to your learning to hear His voice – and to recognize it from any other.  That is why I listed these as the first two things – ie. because they are foundational in learning to hear the voice of God.  They are the place that you learn to have sweet fellowship with Him.

But in this post, I will begin to share about the third one of those 3 things that have been so helpful to me in learning to hear the voice of God……(to say nothing of the wonderful fellowship you can have along the way).  This third thing is of course “praying in the spirit.” The scripture that I used to begin this post with in the first paragraph separates praying in the spirit from praying with your native or other natural language.  I feel that it is important to point that out to you because I have heard praying in the spirit “explained away” by saying something to the effect that it just means that you are “in the spirit” while you are praying to God in whatever your natural language is.  I will address that more in the next post by sharing more from the Word of God about it – indeed there are a number of scriptures that I will bring to you to further clarify and explain more about this subject while I am doing the coming posts on praying in the spirit……

But what I particularly would like to share with you today is to assure you that I have both friends who pray in the spirit and those who do not – and I would tell  you that ALL who receive Jesus as Savior are born again – and praying – or not praying in the spirit – does nothing to change that!

Now because praying in the spirit (aka praying in tongues) has been a subject  with some controversy attached to it within the Body of Christ as well as outside of it – I am proceeding here with consideration of that fact – but I must as the Lord reminded me when I started this blog -“speak His Word faithfully.” …. So that I likely cannot please everyone who reads this, but my first loyalty is to God and to His Word – and though I do not  purpose to offend anyone, I  cannot speak contrary to what I see and hear and know of the Word of God….. It is just too important …..But I pray that each of you as readers will be like the Berean Christians (Acts 17:11) who “searched the scriptures daily to see for themselves whether the things they were being taught were indeed true.” You and I owe that much to ourselves I think.

I’ve kept it short today – just presenting the very beginning of what I want to share with you “about that 3rd thing – praying in the spirit.” But for those of you who are hungry to know what is in the Word of God concerning this subject – please join me for the next post – which will take us a little further into the scriptures about this.

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