Building the Trust Factor Between You and God’s Word

“In the beginning was the Word.. and the Word was with God.. and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.. All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.”  (John 1:1-3)

The Word was God..??  God spoke the Word – and all things were created.. They were created according to the Word that He spoke… “Light be”.. He said in the beginning – and light was”…. And in the same way ALL things were  created..  (Genesis 1:1-31 & Hebrews 11:3).. “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Rhema (spoken)Word of God.. so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”…..

If you have a problem believing that.. it could be for a couple of reasons – one of them  being that you may have tried to understand who God is.. based on the way your life has been lived… Another reason being… that you may not have stopped to consider – “that the heavens declare (enumerate, tell, make known – and even celebrate) the glory of God.. The sky that is visible to your eye.. displays His handiwork/His operations!”… And right at our feet – the grass that we appreciate and care for… have you ever considered that with all our knowledge and technology.. no man has yet been able to produce (“from scratch”) a single blade of that grass?!!  Plus take a good long look around you at all the order of the natural things we can see in the universe… And after that good look and some thought – can you still believe that something as diverse and ordered as what you just saw and considered.. began as a single cell (where did IT come from?).. or had its start from an explosion of gases?!!  I’m not trying to mock anyone – I just want you to THINK… Because it all started somewhere .. from something/someone that is ALIVE – and able to impart LIFE.”…

The Word was a living thing as God spoke it to create and make all things.  That is because the Word IS a part of God Himself.. God and His Word are one.  What God says “IS”... What God says WILL BECOME… because.. behind every Word of God is His integrity.. If it were not so, we could not depend on night and day.. or seedtime and harvest.. the four seasons.. or all the other things which He spoke the Word to set in place to continue… “as long as the earth remaineth”… They continue this day according to the Words that God spoke… (Genesis 8:22;  Psalm 119:89-91)… And God upholds all things by the Word He has spoken concerning it.  (Hebrews 1:3)

What does all of that have to do with our lives today??  That is a good and legitimate question.  Psalm 119:89,90 assures us that “Forever, God’s Word is settled in Heaven.. His faithfulness to all generations.”  God’s Word is the same today as it was in the beginning when He created the heavens and the earth by His Word… And today.. when the Spirit of God “quickens” a promise from the Word of God to us,  we can know that it is “a seed” waiting to be received by us into the good ground of a believing heart/our spirit …And as we “hear” and keep that word…it will “bear fruit” that looks like the promise God gave us!   (Luke 8:11-15)

Our part is to keep that word in our heart… hold on to what God has said .. and not allow our human reasonings… based on sense knowledge… to cave in and turn loose of the word when the enemy/aka the devil comes to  convince us that “it won’t work/things won’t change for you”, etc. etc.  (Luke 8:11-15).   The Word that God speaks has His life and ability in it.. to bring those things that the Word promises to pass! …. That is why God still “sends His Word” (Psalm 107:20).. TODAY.. to heal, deliver, and otherwise minister His grace and provision to those who take hold of that Word to keep it in their heart/spirit while it imparts the faith we all need to receive!….

And that process of keeping and holding forth that Word in the face of all the things to the contrary that we might see..or hear.. or feel – is called “fighting the good fight of faith.”  And that may take half a day – or – it might take half a year… But the experience of receiving things from God’s Word this way builds faith and trust in us… Because many of those things we believe Him for.. and receive.. are things that looked impossible any other way! And it brings you to the place that the “trust factor” between you and God gets stronger and stronger year after year… because faith in God grows as we interact with Him and His Word…


Part 2 – Spirit or Soul?…Why You Need to Know the Difference

“If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature”.. (II Corinthians 5:17)….

We had a new dimension added to our life when we received Jesus – even life in the spirit.  We who were dead in trespasses and sin (Ephesians 2:1-6) have been made alive in our spirit man.. alive from the death that came into man’s spirit in the garden (Genesis 3) when Adam turned from God to serve another master.

But now we’ve been born again – made new in Christ Jesus… It’s a new dimension that we have the capacity and the need.. to learn to walk in…. We have the need to LEARN about the things of the spirit because it is new for us when we receive Jesus… We’re born of the Spirit of God – but we still live in a flesh and blood body that has been ruled by our soul in conjunction with our five physical senses… But now we have the capacity in our born again spirit to get to know God and the things of His Kingdom.  We now have the capacity to learn to “be led by the Spirit of God” (Romans 8:14).  It is a new walk for us .. in the Spirit to spirit relationship which God the Father designed our born again spirit to have with His Spirit/aka the Holy Spirit…We can’t do it without Him! 

Because… I Corinthians 2:14… states unequivocally that “the natural man understandeth not the things of the Spirit of God.. for they are foolishness unto him..neither can he (the natural man) know those things.. because they are spiritually discerned.” (natural = psuchikos – the Greek word for SOUL).

When we try to understand spiritual things and the Kingdom of God with our mind/reason/intellect (all of which belong to the soul of a man) – we will not succeed – for  as Jesus so very clearly explains to us in John 3:3-6.. “Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he can neither see nor enter the Kingdom of God… Because.. that which is born of the flesh IS FLESH!… and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.  You MUST be born again!”

Indeed many of you reading this post have been born again/aka “born of the Spirit”.. But you do not understand what happened to you and you are still trying to figure it all out with your mind and reasoning (which is of the soul).  I understand that because for the first ten years after I received Jesus as my Savior.. I struggled with that as well.  I struggled to understand more about this new relationship and I longed to hear the voice of God to answer my questions and to give me direction when I had an important decision to make.  Once in a while I did hear.. and that made me hungry to hear and to know more….

I knew that something incredible and supernatural had happened to me but I didn’t know what it was .. beyond the fact of knowing that God was truly there and that He is wonderful…. But as long as we are trying to understand spiritual things with mental abilities – (i.e. our mind, intellect and reasoning factors) – we won’t grow in Him as He intended.. For God is a Spirit…(John 4:23, 24) and He seeks a Spirit to spirit relationship with you and me.. Because as Isaiah 55:8 & 9 tells us.. “His thoughts are not our thoughts – and His ways are not our ways – but as the Heavens are higher than the earth .. even so are His ways and thoughts higher than our ways and thoughts”…. But He gave us a way to get to know Him and His ways…

God gave us His Word to tell us about Himself.. and the history of man’s relationship with Him.  God’s Word is not a common book.. nor is it a fairy tale….  I can affirm that BECAUSE I KNOW the interaction that I (and many others) have with Him through His Word and by His Spirit…

But because I also know the struggle a person can have if they do not understand the spiritual rebirth that took place in them when they received Jesus into their life.. I desire deeply to share with anyone who is hungry enough to listen! …  because I’ve come far enough in Him in the last 38 years that I don’t even think twice about what to do when I have a problem or a big decision to make… I RUN TO HIM!!  I ask for His help/His input…. and with joy I can tell you that He never fails me… I KNOW He hears and will answer my prayers – even as He has always purposed to do for anyone who truly turns to Him.

But He leads us and speaks to us by His Spirit…to our spirit…. He gave us a hearing ear in our born again spirit.. and He also gave us a “witness” of the truth (and of error) in our spirit man.  Your spirit man was made to feed on the Word of God (I Peter 2:2)… and to be led by the Spirit of God (aka the Holy Spirit/the Comforter/the Spirit of Truth – John 14 – verses 16,17 & 26)…

You and I were made to be taught and led by His Spirit (Romans 8:14)… and that is the only way we are going to understand the promises of His Word and the provision that He has made for us…. How very much He wants to help us even now….

And that my friends – is the biggest reason I can think of to understand the difference between your soul and your spirit!… Because your spirit (not your soul) “is the candle of the Lord.”


When you have the time – I urge you to read the first part of this post about the difference in a person’s soul and their spirit… See February 29 post under “Recent Posts” on the right side of my home page.

The Capacity of the Born Again Spirit to Know God

News Flash…. You and I can not “MAKE” God do anything….But the “good news” is…. that because He loves you and me – He made a way for us to come to Him..and to connect with Him – if we choose to….

In John 3, we see a man who DID choose to…. Indeed, Nicodemus did want to know….He wanted to know so badly – that he risked losing his standing as a ruler among the religious crowd of his day – by coming to Jesus to inquire “Who” Jesus was –  and about the connection Jesus had with God….. (To be honest with you, there are many people today that ought to take a little bit of a risk – in order to inquire “Who Jesus Is” and about His connection to God….!)  It’s worth everything in the world to know the real answer to that…

But then – as it would be now – Jesus wasted no time in answering Nicodemus’s questions about the Kingdom of God and who He was….He began by letting Nicodemus (as well as you and me) – know that the natural man cannot understand the Kingdom of God…. “You must be born again,”  Jesus explained…” Except a man be born again, he cannot see/have knowledge of the Kingdom of God.”  (John 3:3)

When Jesus told Nicodemus “You must be born again” – Jesus was speaking of a SPIRITUAL BIRTH…. And until you and I can understand that, we will continue to equate “religion” in it’s various forms with “knowing God” – but yet not understanding God’s Kingdom or being born again into the family of God…..i.e. Being born of the Spirit – as Jesus told Nicodemus in the discourse between the two there in John 3:1-16 …. And as surely as Nicodemus had trouble seeing (v9-12) just what it was that Jesus was trying to tell him – so it always is with the natural mind of man… there is not in him the “capacity” to understand the things of the Kingdom of God –  because they are “spiritually discerned”…

The natural man neither sees or knows the things of the spirit….Those things are actually foolishness unto him…..Indeed,  the things of God knoweth no man  (I Corinthians 2:11-14)- But the moment we receive Jesus as our Savior, we are born again – a spiritual rebirth into the Kingdom of God…. And from that moment, we have the “capacity” to see and be taught the things of the Kingdom of God – and to truly  get to know who He is and what He has done for us to bring us into right relationship with Him……

That- in a nutshell- is what happens to us when we get born again….But that’s just the beginning…..We have our birth/ our beginning in the Kingdom of God in the spirit…. But as the Apostle Paul asked of and explained to the Christians in Galatians 3:3….”Having begun in the spirit, do you now think that you can fulfill your place and walk in the things of God by the flesh”?… The answer to that is obviously “no”…. But the born again spirit of a man is .. READY.. is WILLING… and even PREDISPOSED  to follow after God to know Him.  Indeed, that born again spirit cries after God the Father to know Him….. But as long as you’re still living in your “earth suit” – you WILL have choices to make.  Your born again spirit was designed by God to feed on the things of God – His Word, time apart from other things to worship God and taste His presence so that you can grow strong in the spirit.

The born again spirit  (YOUR born again spirit!) – has an amazing CAPACITY  to fellowship with and grow in knowing God – and in understanding the things of the spirit….


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Daily Bread – God’s “Can Do”

God is able to do anything!… If He said He will do it – He is more than able to do it! .. For what may be utterly impossible for you and me to do – is an easy thing for God…. And we need to understand that if He said it, He purposes to do it…. But it is up to us to do “the part” which He gives us to do.. That is, we need to do the things He has told us to do along the way…. even when it seems to be unrelated to the end result that He has promised…

We do those things He has directed us to do because He has “a definite end in mind”…. and a better way than we usually imagine – to “get us there!”  And the best thing about it is that – He ALWAYS  has a good plan in mind for us in all that He does.

Isn’t God wonderful?…. My soon to be 38 years of knowing Him as my born again Father in Heaven surely has confirmed that for me….and He wants each of us to know Him that well … i.e. to know that His “can do” is as big as His heart of love for me and you!…


“For God so loved the world…. that John 3:16… He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish – but have everlasting life.”

Bread for Life – Man’s Authority Directed by God

Jesus, our Savior, is in Heaven…. He rose from the dead and ascended to the Father – after the work of the cross at Calvary was completed….

Jesus is in Heaven – at the right hand of God the Father – while you and I as born again believers and members of His Church – are on the earth…. as sons and daughters of the Living God – and ambassadors for His Kingdom.  We have the authority here – “The earth hath He given/assigned to the children of men” (Psalm 115:16; Psalm 8:4-6) … .Has God given man authority on/and over the earth?  These (and other scriptures) tell us that He has!…

For the believer, it is “man’s authority directed by God.”….. Because God is still the creator and owner of the earth, but you and I as born again believers are accountable to Him as “stewards” – having dominion on the earth – (Genesis 1:26-28 & Hebrews 2:6,7…verse 7 saying that He “gave dominion over the works of His hands to man”)……WHY would God the great Creator assign so much responsibility into the hands of man??

When you and I received Jesus as Savior,  we were instantly  born of the Spirit of God into His Kingdom  (John 3:3-8).…. and He calls us “sons and daughters.”  That makes us His family – His family on the earth…..and ambassadors for God’s Kingdom and it’s increase on the earth  (II Corinthians 5:17-20) ….. Indeed, as born again believers we are laborers together with Him to see the Kingdom of God increase on the earth!

….. To do this, we are called to walk in the authority that God the Father purposed for us – which is – man’s authority directed by God……How does it work?  This God given authority prospers as we walk in fellowship with God in the “spirit to Spirit” relationship that was birthed in our spirit when we were born again.  As we grow in our relationship and personal fellowship with Him, we learn to hear and recognize His voiceand follow His leading – which will ultimately result in His will being done in our life and on the earth…..Thus, the authority that God gave to us as believers – IS- man’s authority on earth directed by God

An Example…… Confessing God’s Word in Prayer and Worship

Today I am sharing a “writing” which I call “a confession sheet” because it is full of the word of God …… It came to me early one morning as an answer  to something I had prayed the day before – when I had asked the Lord to show me how to pray for a Christian friend who was struggling with some bondages in their life.

Before I get into the post – I’m going to share a few strong reasons  for learning to spend some time worshiping God and confessing His word as you pray…..

  • Mark 16:20 – informs us that “the Lord works with and confirms His Word with signs following.
  • II Timothy 2:9 – says that “the word of God is not bound!”….. It can go into places and reach into situations where we ourselves are not able to go or get into – to affect a situation – (including people’s hearts and minds!)  + Psalm 107:20 “God sent His Word and He healed them and delivered them”…..   And remember the centurion (in Matthew 8) telling Jesus “You don’t even have to come to my house to heal my servant – but just speak the Word – and he shall be healed.
  • In the same way, the Spirit of God will quicken/send a word to us….. with the expectation that we will receive that word and keep it – in our heart and in our mouth!!!….. speaking the life that is in that word into our own life – or even into someone else’s life.  In this way, you can cover someone’s life with the word of God – as you spend time thanking Him that His word is true!


I worship You, Father – You are the one true God, the Great Creator, Our Healer and Deliverer…. Provider and Keeper…….. Great and mighty God You are …. I worship and adore You! ……(Personal worship touches God’s heart deeply because He wants to be close to each one of  us – So I urge you to use your own words of worship here – expressing what is in your heart to God.).

Father, I thank You that You ARE  a rewarder of those that diligently seek You. I believe that You “are” – and I am a diligent seeker!…. Father, I am seeking You now for (name of person)….. and I thank You that You ARE perfecting the things that concern them…..

I thank You that You are:……..

Pulling down strongholds of error in their thinking – so they can recognize the truth when they hear it…… And for leading and guiding them into all truth, I thank You.

For enlightening the eyes of their understanding – that they may know the hope of their calling, and the riches of their inheritance in Christ Jesus our Lord.   Thank You that He is their Savior and Lord – and any place they are lacking in that – You are perfecting that part or place in them.  Hallelujah!

I thank You for causing them to see and understand the greatness of Your power towards all who believe.  And for helping them to see that even with a child like faith they can do all things that they need to do – and do those things well!….. because in Jesus, they are overcomers and conquerors!

Thank You for helping them to understand that they can live a life of overcoming and victory – because Jesus is Lord over every need that they have!   Oh Father, for redeeming their lives from destruction – even wrong things that they’ve bowed down to – I thank You.  I give You thanks and I give You praise for this – for nothing is too hard for You!

Thank You Father for helping them to see how much You love them…..and that nothing can separate them from that love!  … And for helping them to see the good plan You have for their lives.

Thank You now for causing Your wonderful grace to flow to them – redeeming and restoring every good thing in their lives……. even the years that the enemy has stolen!  And Father, thank You for taking and weaving in Your good into all those destructive things and bringing them back on line with that good plan You have for them……. Glory be to God – our Healer and Deliverer!  Thank You Jesus – You ARE the Redeemer and Restorer of every good thing!


NOTE: That is just an example of a time of confessing God’s Word as you worship and thank Him for supplying what you (or some other person) needs. And I can tell you that – as you focus on God as the provider of all of our needs, the Spirit of God will likely drop some other things into your spirit to pray – making this more personally yours in the time that you spend with Him worshiping and confessing His word – acknowledging that you have asked – and He is doing these things to perfect the lives of those for whom you pray!

The Revelation From God…. Against Which the Enemy Cannot Prevail!

I believe God that it shall be …. even as He has told me….                                               Thus it shall be – according to His Word – just as He has said……  For by the Holy Spirit (aka the Spirit of God) – God quickens His word to me….

And even though at times, things certainly appear to be going a different way..     I’ll not let those things turn my head and my thinking away – from what the Lord did say!….  For I know the word that He quickened to me is full of life and ability… the ability to bring those things to pass which He did say!

Therefore I choose…… I’ll “set my face”- to hold fast to the words that He did say…  I will hold God’s words – over things to the contrary that I might hear or see……    For God – in His sovereignty – did set “this law of life in the spirit” into place……        And that law (of faith) rules above what men – or circumstances – might say!

So as long as I know I heard Him say…. that is the thing that will guide my way! For I know that God “who cannot lie” is watching for His Word to perform it ….. And He performs it – as it is spoken by you or me in faith….

So when you are in a battle where it looks like you can’t possibly win –                 Remember this very important little thing ….. Which is simply this …….           “Don’t doubt in the dark what you heard from God in the light” ……                          But take that into your heart and mind – and put it into your mouth! …..        And let it “Rule” over what you think and say!……

For when God speaks a word to you – or reveals to you His way…..                         That is “THE WORD” you are to stand on when doubts or fears assail…..                   For that is the revelation from God – against which the enemy cannot prevail!

I Believe God that it shall be as He has said… Receiving the things God has Promised

The post that I share with you today is about another one of those “I have learned” things….. All of these “I have learned things” fit into a category of things that I have longed to see “work” in my life – as they are laid out in the Word of God – one of those things being about receiving things God has promised….. which is the thing that I will share about with you today.

I still have plenty of room to grow in this,  but I have gained a lot of ground… The credit for that  would have to go to the Spirit of God (aka the Holy Spirit )  because He has never given up on me, but faithfully led me to the next step – even when that next step meant going back to pick up some things I should have already worked into my life.

Sometimes He has talked to me “in plain English” – as another person would – but what He would say has never been contrary to the principles in His Word.  I shared that because – there is no where in the bible that God tells any one to “move to Minnesota” (for example) – but He might tell you to do just that – and you would need to know that you have indeed heard His voice and not something that is out of your own thinking – (or “off the wall” from someone else’s thinking).  Hearing and recognizing His voice comes as you spend alone time with Him….. time in the Word, in prayer, in worship.  Those are some  things that bring you into His presence – and into a confidence of knowing Him…. which things are paramount for you and me in learning to “walk by faith” and receive the things that God has promised.

You see, when the Apostle Paul – on that ship being exceedingly tossed for days in a storm they referred to as “no small tempest”- told his shipmates   “Be of good cheer – for I believe God that it shall be even as He has told me”….. Paul could say that to them because he had come to know…… and learned to have full confidence in God – from whom he had just received word that very night – “not to be afraid because there would be no loss of any man’s life among them.  (Acts 27:13-44 ) So regardless of how that storm (or your storm) rages, he had learned – as we can learn – to take what God has said about it and “fight the good fight of faith”….. by holding fast to acknowledge what God has said – and so receive the promise.

In holding fast to what God has said – regardless of “how things look” – we will “through faith and patience” obtain the promise…….whether it be a certain scripture that He has quickened to us – or a word we hear from Him – as Paul heard the word from God about the storm and the lives of the men on the ship.  We can count on it because “all the promises of God in His son Jesus Christ are yes, and amen (aka “so be it”) – That means they are sure and trustworthy.  (II Corinthians 1:19,20).

His words are trustworthy because  He has said “I will not alter the words that have gone out of my lips.” Our part is to hold fast to the words He has spoken to us ….. And we can learn to do that – with patience – because He is faithful that promised.

I’m in there with you – having received a lot of promises….  And I’m still fighting the good fight of faith – ie. endeavoring to “hold fast to what He has said” – in order to receive other promises.  That’s how it works!…..Through faith and patience you and I WILL receive the things that God has promised!

Encouraged to Believe…. “Everything’s Going to be Okay”

Several years ago, something happened in my relationship with the Lord that has continued to be a great encouragement to my faith “to believe God that it will be just as He has told me”…And  I believe that sharing my story will encourage your faith too…

It began as one of those unexpected things – a thing which could have easily became a major problem for me – if just one of the three people who needed to hear and obey God had failed to do so.

In those days – when stock markets were dropping and houses not selling – it took my best efforts just to keep the bills paid!  On this particular occasion, I had everything budgeted and was waiting on the pay check due in about a week for the rest of the money needed to pay my bills….. But this day, I was in for an unpleasant surprise… For when I arrived at work my employer asked me for the keys to the store… She was in the process of closing the business!  I gave her the keys.. We said our goodbyes.. and we both got in our cars to leave……

Was I feeling fearful??   I likely would have been – my circumstances being what they were (and too detailed to mention here) –  BUT GOD KNEW what was coming.. and He had already set the wheels in motion to supply what I was going to need!….

For just the day before – I had gotten a call from a pastor in another state who had often prayed for me and my family….. The conversation was brief and to the point… “I don’t know what this is about,” he said ” but the Lord told me to call you and tell you “that everything is going to be okay.” I responded that I didn’t know what it was about either, but thanked him for calling.  Thinking  about it, I knew him too well to doubt that he’d heard God – but knowing nothing of what was in the works at that time concerning my job, I laid those words aside.

Now back to the store where I had just lost my job….. As I got into my car to leave there,  I remembered the words of the old pastor from yesterday… And I said to God – “I don’t know “HOW” You’re going to do it – but I believe that “everything is going to be okay.. just as You said!”  And with that, I proceeded to make the short drive to my apartment – where – as I was still in the parking lot gathering my things to get out of the car, my cell phone rang….

Seeing that the call was coming from a friend in another state, I quickly answered it…… and heard an excited voice telling me that she had just been given quite a bit of money from a relative who “felt” that he should give her a small part of her inheritance NOW.”  She didn’t tell me the amount she had been given, but began excitedly to tell me that.. as she was being handed the money, she heard the Lord tell her to give me a certain amount of it!  I then proceeded to tell her about what had just happened to me – losing my job and with it, the pay check I needed to pay the bills… And then, hundreds of miles away, this friend rejoiced with me as we realized how God had been at work to meet my needs – and bring good things into both our lives!

The money that the Lord had instructed this friend to give to me was enough to take care of my bills for the two months ahead until I again had a steady income.  I am ever grateful for the three dear people who heard from God – and acted  on what He asked them to do!

Several years have passed now, but I still feel a joy whenever I think of this “adventure” that I had in my relationship with the Lord and how it makes me ever mindful that.. you and I can believe God!  We can believe God that it shall be even as He has told us… and be encouraged “that everything is going to be okay!”  

These 3 Things — About that 3rd Thing – Praying in the Spirit

“If I pray in an unknown tongue – my spirit prayeth – but my understanding is unfruitful.  What then? ….  I will pray with the spirit, and  I will pray with the understanding also.”   ( I Corinthians 14:14, 15a )

In the post on March 7th, I began to share with you about the three things have really helped me grow in the area of developing the ear of my spirit to hear…..  (I want to hear when God has something to say – don’t you?) In several of the posts since March 7th, I have shared a little with you about the first two of those 3 things  – one being: personal worship where you spend time alone with the Lord – giving thanks and worshiping Him. … And the other of the first two things being – getting alone to spend time with God in His Word – so that you come to understand the true value of it.

I would also tell you this about those first two things – which is that in spending time in personal worship and alone with God in His word – it is there that you will learn the “taste” of His presence more than anywhere else….. and knowing that “taste” is very important to your learning to hear His voice – and to recognize it from any other.  That is why I listed these as the first two things – ie. because they are foundational in learning to hear the voice of God.  They are the place that you learn to have sweet fellowship with Him.

But in this post, I will begin to share about the third one of those 3 things that have been so helpful to me in learning to hear the voice of God……(to say nothing of the wonderful fellowship you can have along the way).  This third thing is of course “praying in the spirit.” The scripture that I used to begin this post with in the first paragraph separates praying in the spirit from praying with your native or other natural language.  I feel that it is important to point that out to you because I have heard praying in the spirit “explained away” by saying something to the effect that it just means that you are “in the spirit” while you are praying to God in whatever your natural language is.  I will address that more in the next post by sharing more from the Word of God about it – indeed there are a number of scriptures that I will bring to you to further clarify and explain more about this subject while I am doing the coming posts on praying in the spirit……

But what I particularly would like to share with you today is to assure you that I have both friends who pray in the spirit and those who do not – and I would tell  you that ALL who receive Jesus as Savior are born again – and praying – or not praying in the spirit – does nothing to change that!

Now because praying in the spirit (aka praying in tongues) has been a subject  with some controversy attached to it within the Body of Christ as well as outside of it – I am proceeding here with consideration of that fact – but I must as the Lord reminded me when I started this blog -“speak His Word faithfully.” …. So that I likely cannot please everyone who reads this, but my first loyalty is to God and to His Word – and though I do not  purpose to offend anyone, I  cannot speak contrary to what I see and hear and know of the Word of God….. It is just too important …..But I pray that each of you as readers will be like the Berean Christians (Acts 17:11) who “searched the scriptures daily to see for themselves whether the things they were being taught were indeed true.” You and I owe that much to ourselves I think.

I’ve kept it short today – just presenting the very beginning of what I want to share with you “about that 3rd thing – praying in the spirit.” But for those of you who are hungry to know what is in the Word of God concerning this subject – please join me for the next post – which will take us a little further into the scriptures about this.

Seek to Know the Realities of God’s Kingdom

Is your life about striving to get the “accolades” that come when one is an “overnight success” …. and the popularity/fame that may come with it…. ?  Those things alone are often fleeting – and empty at the end – as things and people more “relevant” take that place…..

Therefore, why not rather seek to know the realities of God’s Kingdom – which will never end – and each one has a place reserved for them…..And although all these things are hidden to the natural eye of man , yet God’s invitation to receive Jesus – the Door to knowing Him…… to all men, this invitation God does extend….

The invitation accepted….. and the journey begins.  There are challenges, yes – but you can be sure that deep within…                                                                                   you will find much satisfaction, contentment and confidence – when your heart is to do the Lord’s bidding – ie. walk out the plan that He put together especially for you!  Because walking upon that path is the greatest success any person can know or even think to do – for when you choose to walk God’s path, He will walk there with you …… and ever stay close…..

….. as you give Him the praise and worship that He deserves, always looking to Him for the things that you need and what is best to do – learning to keep the eyes of your spirit on the horizon – where He purposes to open up new venues for you!

There’s nothing boring about walking His way you see ….                                              for the spirit of a man can hold more strength, more joy than the flesh ever can. And that is because… is by the spirit that you are “connected” to Him      –  when you are born again (John 3:1-8) –  and by way of this Spirit to spirit connection that you then have with Him,  He can impart peace and many other things that you pray for and need.  He can answer your questions – and inform you of His plans. (John 16:12-15)

So stay close to Him and learn to live more aware of this Spirit to spirit relationship you have with Him.  (John 4:22-24). … *spending time in His word, giving thanks and worshiping Him – and finally praying in the spirit – (as well as in words that you understand) …..  For *these things all lend to developing that ear that He gave you to hear – those things that He would say and impart to you……

… . So that at the end of this life, you can depart with peace because you know Him – the Giver of that life that is so much better than the accolades of men.  Glory be to God – my goal then – will be to seek to know and walk with Him!  For as the scripture says ….

“Godliness is profitable unto all things – having promise for the life that now is, and of that which is to come.”  (I Timothy 4:8)   Amen!

The Word and the Spirit – Awakening Your Ear to Hear

In this beginning post  (and the ones to follow) about the value of the Word of God in developing the ear of your spirit to hear, I will be sharing both the practical side of this issue and the spiritual aspects ……. because it requires some of both in order to live a victorious Christian’s life.

You and I can set and listen to,  or read the Word of God – that’s practical –  it’s “our part,”  but because it is “spirit and life” (John 6:63) you will need to hear what the Spirit of God is saying even as you read – in order for faith to come.  That is because faith is a gift and even “a part of God” that is  resident in His word.  With a careful reading or study of John 14 and John 16 you will easily see that God intended our primary teacher of His word to be the Holy Spirit (aka the Spirit of Truth). Without Him as our teacher, we have dry letter of the law…. but Jesus came to give us something much better – a new covenant – a living word – “full of grace and truth”  (John 1:1-17).  What we hear may bring a much needed miracle to our life – or it may simply be instruction about which way to go with something.  One is supernatural….one is practical.  Sometimes we need both!

Do you recall the account of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus – which I shared with you in the March 26 post?  (Developing Your Capacity to Hear and Recognize God’s Voice)…..  When was it  that those two realized that it was Jesus Himself who had joined them as they walked and wondered aloud about all the things that had come to pass since they had seen Jesus taken and crucified?  When did they realize it was indeed Jesus whom they listened to as He walked with them and opened the scriptures to them?

Verses 30-32 (Luke 24) tell us that it was in the”breaking of bread together” that their eyes were opened and they knew Him. The “breaking of bread” represents the Word of God broken for them……  Several times in John 6:47-51 Jesus refers to Himself as the “bread of life”….. ” I am that bread of life……. which come down from Heaven that a man may eat thereof and not die”  (spirit food for spirit life) …..  I am the living bread which came down from Heaven”…..  And their hearts “burned” they said – as He shared the scriptures concerning Himself to them….. and then as He “brake the bread” and gave of it to them – that was when they realized who Jesus was…..  A quickening took place in their hearts – and revelation came as they were finally quiet enough to get past their own reasonings about seeing Jesus die -and now to listen to what was in their hearts as they had spent time listening to Him.

…… And so it is much the same with you and I as we draw aside to spend time in the Word of God with Him…..  We have His Word – and God is eager to speak to us – to show and tell us the things that we need to hear.  He gave us the Spirit of Truth to quicken the words to us that He wants us to hear – and with that quickening we “hear” and we see (by revelation) what we did not see  before.  This “quickening” of the Word has to do with “life” – for when the Spirit of God quickens something from God’s Word to us there is an “imparting” of the life that is in God’s Word into our spirit – and with that quickening there is revelation – a revealing of things in our spirit.

The revealing of these things brings in God’s light on the matter…… Does not Proverbs 20:27 tell us that “the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord” – through which He intends to give us light to see by…….  and  Psalm 112:4 says  “Unto the upright there arises  light in the darkness – because God is gracious and full of compassion for us.”    He wants us to hear what He has to say – so we can see what we need to see.


In the next posts about the value of God’s Word, I would like to share some things concerning the character and the supernatural effects of God’s Word in the ordinary affairs of life as we come to understand the practical application of what He has given us.

“Recapping” of Some Things Important to Hearing in the Spirit


If you and I are going to learn to hear His voice – as Jesus, “the Good Shepherd” told us we could  in John 10:4,11,14  – then it is important that we understand some things about what happened to us when we received Jesus as our Savior….as we see in this recap of some things from my January 15 & 22 posts about our beginnings in Him …..

The first important thing that you must understand is that new life came into your spirit – in the form of a spiritual rebirth which the bible refers to as being “born again” (John 3:1-8).  In that spiritual rebirth you and I received eternal life and a new nature in our spirit. ….. Inherent within that new nature is the desire to know and follow after God – the father of our born again spirit… and Jesus His son, who paid the price to redeem us back to God. John 17:3  explicitly tells us that …….” this is life eternal – that they might know You, the only true God,  and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”  Now we can come to know Him because He gave us that capacity with the new birth that took place in our spirit.the moment we received Jesus.

All of this adds up to the fact that we had a new dimension added to our life when we received Jesus –  giving you and I the capacity to begin to see and understand the things of the Kingdom of God – including “an ear to hear” in our born again spirit – so that we can learn to hear and recognize the “voice of God” – and be led by the Spirit of God.   Being born again is the start of this Spirit to spirit relationship with God – the beginning of our capacity to hear and know “His voice.”

We need to hear the voice of God – His Spirit  speaking to us (He is the One that Jesus promised to send to us to be our teacher and guide –  and to bring to our remembrance the things that He has already said to us (John 14:16,17,26)  Also in John 16:12-15  Jesus tells us: “I have many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now – but when He, the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all truth. He will take what He hears from God the Father and show it unto you.  All things that the Father has are Mine – these things He will show unto you that I may be glorified ….. and He will show you things to come.”  These are things we need to hear!  And…….

To recap what I have just shared, I would say this – God gave us ears to hear in our born again spirit – and in His word,  He tells us clearly that He wants us to hear – hear what the Spirit is saying!….And these few things that I have spoken to you about today are some things important to that hearing in the spirit…. (Matthew 13:9;  Luke 14:35;  Revelation 2:7,  11, 17, 29 & Revelation 3:6, 13, 20, 22.)


On March 7th, I began sharing about the things I have found to be most helpful in developing our ability to hear in the spirit – and pertaining to that I shared several posts about the value of personal worship – and now in the next posts I purpose to begin sharing some things about understanding the true value of God’s word and how that very much plays a  part in developing our hearing in the spirit.


Learning to Hear and to Recognize the Voice of God

Did not our heart burn within us, while He talked with us by the way, and while He opened to us the scriptures”? !

Such was the hindsight of the two disciples after they had met and conversed with the risen Jesus along their way to Emmaus (Luke 24:1-13-32) …… And now – after the fact – it was like “ohhh man…. He was right there with us … talking to us as we walked – and we did not even recognize Him!

They didn’t recognize Jesus because they were so filled with their own thoughts and reasonings that they “couldn’t see the forest for the trees” – as we often say when we have had something right in front of our face and yet failed to see it ….. Why?…..Because their reasonings – ie. both the “possiblilities” and the “impossiblilities”  of the circumstances  (see the March 26 post) that filled their minds and thinking this day – blinded them to the same thing that often blinds us to the truth –  the fact of who God”IS” – that He operates on a higher level than we do….. &  that when God is involved,  we just might be confronted with some things that are wonderful – but “difficult” for us to understand …… that is unless we learn to consider – even in the midst of our reasonings – that God lives in the supernatural!! …. And if He says it ,  He can do it!!

Our hearing God by the hearing ear of our spirit is also a supernatural thing… . It is a Spirit to spirit hearing – a hearing that belongs to the spirit of a man that has been born again…. Yes – God can – and He has spoken (in certain times and for specific purposes) to men who were not born again – but after receiving Jesus, we were “born again” – and with that new birth that took place in our spirit,  we were  given the capacity to hear God speaking to us.  But it is like all our human capacities to learn and grow in different ways – in that it has to be developed!  

But let’s get back to the two that had met the risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus ….. and to what they shared with each other about that experience – ie .”Didn’t our heart burn within us – while He talked with us by the way,  and while He opened to us the scriptures”?

When God speaks to us, it is not at all uncommon to “feel” something “alive” with that hearing – and even though we learn to recognize His voice in much the same way that we learned to recognize that special voice of our mother or our father from the voice of any other – so we can learn to recognize the “voice” of God as well.  But understand, that there is “the recognizing” – AND – there is “the hearing” – so that we can  recognize who it is that we are hearing.

This is important because at times, even as we are maturing in that hearing by our spirit – we can be in the midst of deep thoughts about something – and have to question if we heard God speak a word to us.  That too is not uncommon – but at times when we have laid a question “about what to do” before the Lord – we must learn to quiet our mind – with its “reasonings” about that matter…..note that those “reasonings” of their minds was why  the two who walked with Jesus did not recognize Him …… So – we must learn to quiet our mind so that it is not so busy trying “to solve the problem” that we are hearing so many “answers” that they tend to get all tangled together!   When that is happening with your mind – it’s really kind of like trying to hear someone talking to you over the phone – all the while, someone beside you is talking to you (90 miles an hour ) at the same time – get the picture?

So, how do you quiet a “busy mind”?  I can share with you here some things that helped me when I was first learning this – all of which involve getting your mind to focus on something else.  One –  Isaiah 26:3 “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace – whose mind is stayed on Thee.”  You can do this by meditating on a verse of scripture – or by focusing on memorizing that scripture.  Another thing I used to do when the focus on the problem was “eating my lunch” was that I would actually call a friend and ask them to give me something to pray about for someone in need.  Listening to and singing along with good music will also divert your mind from its insistence on solving a problem that only God knows the real way out of.

Now days I do not have a major problem with quieting my mind – but when I do have the least inclination in that direction , I usually do one of these three things: I begin deliberately giving thanks to God – or I will slip over into personal worship – or I set myself to begin praying in the spirit – any of these never fail to bring me into His presence where – as the Psalmist shares in Psalm 16:7-11  that “setting the Lord before you causes your heart to be glad, your tongue to rejoice, and your flesh also to rest.

The problem is not  that God does not want to communicate with His children, but the problem is that we aren’t hearing as we should…. but that is a problem with a solution – which is to LEARN to hear.  If that is a desire of your heart, know that God is ready to teach you and take you to that place of hearing – better and better – that is so greatly desired by those who know Him.  You CAN learn to hear and recognize the voice of God!  I did – after many years of longing for that….. and now in these posts starting with March 11 and going until ??  I will be sharing with you the things that have helped (and are helping) me!….those things are straight from the Word of God!  and by the way  I write because I hear –  to me that is so exciting!

About Time and Choices

Ever noticed a quiet “tug of war” going on when part of you wants to take some time to spend with God?

He gives the invitation – and we “hear” it…..  we feel the pull in our spirit             Then it is up to us – ie. the “ball” is in our court we know                                                And we can “say yes” or we can in effect “say no”!                                                          “No” …. there are other things to do and places to go.

Over the years – if we haven’t gotten to know Him very well by then – we can remember a time – (and it was some time ago!) when our heart was captured at the first thought of spending time with Him  …. We’d run eagerly to be with Him – to taste those moments of delight in that fellowship with Him.  But time passes and other things slip in – “lesser things” that we struggle to fit in….                   And in our heart we did not intend – to let all those other things –         lesser things of course – fill our time that we had once purposed to be for Him.

But we have an enemy in the spirit realm (I Peter 5:8 & Ephesians 6:10-12) …… who subtley plots how he can get in- to convince us that all those lesser things must be taken care of  NOW – certainly before we have any time left to spend ….  in those delightful times with Jesus – our best Friend!

For us who are born again, it is a CHOICE – one that we each have set before us……  a choice that we will indeed make……..                                                                       While for us to choose Him first – Jesus does wait!                                                          He waits …….  and the wonderful Holy Spirit will draw us –                                     But it is still our choice to make! …….  and the struggle is there –                         And the admonition of scripture “to seek God’s Kingdom first”!                            And if we choose that blessed way – the thing that our heart wants most –      To set at Jesus’ feet and be taught by Him … letting His wonderful presence permeate within ……

We all have certain responsibilities – and to “lay on the couch” instead of fulfilling them – is NOT  what this is about !  But when He calls to us – and       we feel that “pull” in our spirit – that is time that should belong to Him –         and when we embrace that time as His – we will find ourselves  – our time,   our hearts – blessed and refreshed – and ready to go forward…..                           into those things that belong to us as “our job” – our “responsibility”…… and     we take His peace with us – all because we chose to yield to that “call,” that “pull” in our spirit.  I’ve done it both ways – ie. I’ve “said Yes” and I’ve said “No” but  I KNOW  which way is better – and ……

It is the choice I never regret – and the incredible thing is – that then He walks with me – even goes out ahead of me – to help me and set up the day!!   Then everything that truly  needs doing seems to get done faster – even to just fall into place!  And I take His peace with me – all because I chose to yield   to that “pull” in my spirit.  That’s my definition of a glorious day!

It’s about  “TIME and CHOICES”! …..  and we each get to choose…

Developing Your Capacity to Hear and Recognize God’s Voice

When you are born again – and getting to know Jesus, the main thing you want is to know Him more!…..   That is because it opens the door to the best and most important things that you can know in this world.

And this is not a “self serving” thing because our having personal fellowship with Jesus and God the Father – affects us in every relationship that we have.  I’m still “flesh and blood” after being born again ….  but I had this new dimension added to my life – the capacity to get to know Him and to begin to understand the things of the Kingdom of God.

……. But notice that I used the word “capacity“….  because if you stay so caught up in the affairs of this life that you do not take the time to get to know the One who gave you this new life in Him – then you may be very little different in many respects than those who have not accepted Jesus as Savior….. “I’ve seen that,  and I say that –  because  it is in our times of  personal fellowship with Him that we get to know Him – who He is and what He is like – and the things that belong to us because of that relationship. We spend time with Him …..  we get to know the “taste and the feel” of His presence –  and (a bonus!) we see a definite and very desirable change taking place in us! …… And it is no small thing that as we are enjoying all of this – that our capacity to recognize God’s voice is also growing!!

What is it like to “hear” God speaking to you personally??

This following  narrative  about two people that had walked with Jesus as His disciples – may very well express what it often  feels like to hear and recognize His voice….

LUKE 24: 13 – 32 (paraphrased):  On the third day after Jesus had been crucified, two of His disciples were walking to the village of Emmaus – which was about 60 furlongs from Jerusalem.  As they walked, they talked of all the things that had come to pass in the last few days – including the fact that some women  (also followers of Jesus)  had gone to the sepulcher of Jesus earlier that day  and found not Jesus, but had instead seen a vision of angels there – saying that Jesus was risen from the dead. …..

Thus as these two disciples walked on the road to Emmaus – talking and reasoning together” about all these things  – Jesus Himself drew near and started walking with them ….. But their eyes were held fast (“blinded” as it were)  by their reasonings (ie. that Jesus was dead) – so that they did not recognize Him.  “What are you talking about?”  Jesus asked the two.  In reply the two began to explain about who they had thought Jesus was – – but now He was dead – having been crucified and buried – this being the third day after His death …… along with the details of the women who had gone to the tomb  earlier in the day and seen “a vision of angels which said Jesus was alive!” ….. So that the two were filled this day with all kinds of thoughts and reasonings about what could possibly be going on here!   To which reasonings Jesus answered –  “Fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken;  Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into His glory”? ….. And then as they continued walking, Jesus expounded unto the two from all the scriptures the things concerning Himself.

As they drew near to Emmaus,  the two constrained  Jesus to stay with them, sup with them – and as Jesus sat at meat with them,  He took bread and blessed it – broke and gave of it to them   ….. And their eyes were opened and they knew (recognized) Him….  And He vanished out of their sight …..  Then they said one to the other  “Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked with us by the way,  and while He opened the scriptures to us?!!”

I could not give you a better description (in a nutshell) than what those two on the road to Emmaus just said about hearing His voice.

We were created with divine purpose – to very personally and experientially  know God our Creator …. John 17:3  “And this is life eternal  – that  they might know  You the only true God,  and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” 

There is no doubt that He wants us to hear and recognize His voice – How many times did Jesus say “he that has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying?  (Seven times in Revelation 2 and 3 – as well as several times in the gospels)   God gave us “an ear to hear” in our born again spirit – and it is very important that we spend one on one time with Him and start developing that capacity  we have in our born again spirit to hear Him.  He’s got things to say to you that you both need and want to hear …..  So … How’s your hearing?


This and the three posts – on March 13, 17, & 20 – are the first posts in a series  that started March 11 about  “These Three Things …. Training Your Spirit to Hear” .  I have been sharing about the value of personal worship in getting to know the “feel” of God’s presence and in developing your spirit to hear and recognize His voice.  I’ll continue with the second and third things that we need for that in the coming posts on this blog.  I hope this is helpful to some of you.   Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Personal Relationship Leads to Personal Worship

Welcome!  This post today is about the personal fellowship of worship that God wants to have with each one of us – but first let’s take a very brief look at a few of the main reasons that some born again believers feel that they don’t know “how” to worship the Lord on their own.

One reason would be  “church without a personal knowledge of  Jesus”…..  a place only of rules and regulations – apart from a personal knowledge of and fellowship with – the One  that “inhabits” the praises and worship of His people.  Most people that are like that themselves – or – go to a church like that for very long will find nothing there that teaches about – or  lends to personal worship.  But you know what –  even in some churches like that -.the Word of God still has a place – and that word has a way of weaving it’s way into people’s hearts – if they should begin to feel a hunger to know the “Author” more personally!

And when any  heart begins to hunger to touch God – to know and to hear Him, the promise in His word is that these will find Him – for He is very near to every one of us – if just perhaps –  we should decide to call on Him.  It is that way with getting born again – and it is that way afterward – if we will ourselves seek to know Him … and to worship Him.

But a second reason we may think (after being born again) that we do not know how to worship God outside of church – being that we may be looking too much for some kind of “soulish excitement” if I may call it that.  When the fact of the matter is that sometimes we just need to get quiet and still – and set our mind and direct our focus on Jesus.  Personal worship does not have to be loud or even with music.  You can start by just laying everything that would hinder or interrupt aside – go to a quiet place, start thinking of different things He has done or given that you should  be thankful for ….  and the further down that road of giving thanks to God and getting to know Him that you go – the easier it will be to just have a heart full of thanks – and that will lead to adoration and worship as night follows day!  And that is because God is so incredibly good – and great – that it is just natural  – to want to know Him more – as you get to know Him!!

….. But – we can be born again and yet  choose to stay right where we began – but myself (and plenty of others like me) didn’t want to camp there….  because one good taste of what it is like to know Jesus and God the Father. ..and there was no question of not pursuing to have more of the same!  So, I/we kept choosing  to go after Him.  In this scripture,  the Psalmist did the same …. ..

Psalm 91:1,2,9,14,15 …… The Psalmist – or you and I – “choose” to stay close to God;  and thereby we “learn”  to trust Him and make Him our refuge;  you and I choose to “set” our love (the deepest affection of our heart) upon Him – and that is not at all hard to do as you get to know and trust Him! ….  (Did you notice all the choices that He put into our hands to make – or not?!)  and the promise for choosing  those things is this:  “He/she will call upon Me and I will answer them;  I will be with them in trouble; I will set them on high because they “know My name;  I will deliver them and honor them;  and I will show them my salvation!”    There is no money on earth that can buy those things and the peace and gladness that come with them!  Hallelujah what a Savior – and what a Friend He has turned out to be!  !!!!!

Psalm 16:7-11 (paraphrased) …..  I will bless the Lord – for He has given me counsel – which will be there within my heart and mind to instruct me even in the night seasons.  And….. because I have set the Lord always before me – He is at my right hand so that I shall not be moved…..  therefore my heart is glad, and my tongue rejoices (in thanksgiving and worship to this One to whom I owe so much) … and my flesh also shall rest in hope …. because He will not leave my soul in those dark places ;  and He will show me and direct me onto the path of life;  and here and now – as I worship Him – I find in His presence there is fulness of joy – and at His right hand are the pleasures of eternal victory – forevermore with Him!

I hope that you received some things here to encourage you to choose to start worshipping the Lord at home in your own one on one time with Him.  And I hope that you will come again to this site to check for the next post about some more things that will lend to your becoming more and more sensitive to hearing His voice!  .

Part II – How’s Your Hearing? …. More About the Born Again Spirit

Did God equip us to hear Him?….  There are a good number of verses in the bible that indicate clearly that this is so.   We find just some of these scriptures in the first three gospels of the bible:    Matthew 13:9,43     Mark 4:9,23 & 7:16      Luke 8:8   “If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.”  (Note that in Matthew 13:16  a “blessing” is pronounced for the ones whose ears do hear – and I would add that it is indeed a blessing to hear a word in our spirit when we’re searching for the right way to go!)  “He that has ears to hear, let him hear!”

Is this only a “natural” hearing – or does God equip us with ears that have the capacity to hear in the spirit?

Just hours before Jesus went to the cross for us, He had some very special last words  to share with His disciples – for them and for us – words which we find in John 14 – 17.  Now last words are often very important – especially when they are spoken to and for those that you love.  It is good to read all of those four chapters, but for our purposes today, we will only look at some verses that pertain particularly to our hearing – and the provision that God made for us through the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The first and very beautiful thing to remember  that Jesus tells us in John 14:1 is “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God – believe also in Me.” Jesus then proceeded to tell them that He would be going away – but (v 16-17) “I will pray to the Father and He shall give you another Comforter that He may abide with you forever – even the Spirit of Truth – whom the world cannot receive because it seeth Him not, neither knows Him; but you know Him – for He dwells with you – and shall be in you.” …. + (v 25,26) These things have I spoken to you while I am yet present with you – but the Comforter, who is the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit),  whom the Father will send in My name – He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance – even whatsoever  I have said unto you.”  Obviously, to be taught – you must hear! And it is clear in these verses that this is a Spirit to spirit communication.

In John 16:12-15  Jesus continues speaking to those who have chosen to follow Him –  “I have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now – however, when He, the Spirit of Truth (aka the Spirit of God/Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost/Comforter) is come, He will guide you into all truth.”

Seeing then that the Spirit of God purposes to “teach us all things, remind us of the things that He has already shown us, show us things to come  -and  guide us into all truth” – we need to learn to hear  with those ears that He gave us.  God has ways of getting things across to His own, but He purposed for each one of us to hear and be led by His Spirit. (Romans 8:14)   This is a part of the capacity in our born again spirit that God provided for us.  (John 1:12 and John 3:1-8)

I just mentioned that “we need to learn to hear” with the ears of our born again spirit….  But seeing that there are many voices  out there to be heard ….  and the bible says that every one of those voices have some kind of meaning – the question then becomes “How will I know the difference between hearing in my mind (ie. with the natural man’s hearing) – and actually hearing with the ear of my spirit?  This is very important because “the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God; neither can he know them  – because they are “spiritually discerned.”  (I Corinthians 2:14).

How then will you know the difference between what comes to your mind versus the hearing by your spirit?  The quick answer to that would be to tell you that you will come to know the difference between the two the same way that a baby learns to recognize his mother’s or his father’s voice from that of any other.  And that is true, but there are a number of things given us in  the Word of God that you and I can do that will “lend” to developing that God given capacity to hear Him.

There are three very foundational things that I can look back to and say that those are the things that most helped me along the way to notably increase the hearing in my spirit.  There are also a few others which I would call “supporting factors” that I will touch on as well – but to just “throw these out there” would be like handing you a box containing something that needed to be assembled without giving you any instructions with it…. So I will just name the three major things that helped me (and I would tell you here that these are the things which I have observed and therefore come to believe – that without these three foundational things in our relationship with the Lord – we are not going to get the development of our spirit to Spirit relationship that is needed to hear well.  That’s you, me or anybody else – it has nothing to do with our salvation – but is strictly an observation that I have seen in my own spiritual growth and that of others.)

The three major things I will be sharing with you about in coming posts concern:  Personal Worship, Understanding and placing the value on God’s Word that is truly there – and Praying in the spirit  (not necessarily in order here).  I would like to share some things about each of these three major “gifts from God” that have been such a help and blessing to me as I learned about them.  I also want to stress before hand that this is not an exhaustive study – because “I DON’T KNOW THAT MUCH” – but I am called to teach in the Body of Christ and these things are strong within me to share because I know how much they have helped me.

Hope you are “hungry enough” to check out these short studies in some coming posts on this blog.

I just now “felt” God’s love for you – and want you to know that.  See you later!

How’s Your Hearing?…. More about the Born Again Spirit

Are you able to hear the voice  of the Spirit when you have a decision to make? You really want to know what God would say – the direction He would tell you to go – but oftentimes it is not a lack of desire to hear Him, but a lack of knowing how  that thwarts us in our pursuit to hear.  That can be very frustrating – believe me, I understand that – I’ve been there and still have some times that it is harder for me than I would like; but I have come a long way in that area so that I can share some things about that with you.

First of all, our years in being born again or by virtue of growing up going to church – are not – the best measuring stick for determining how well we will hear God.  Before I start sharing what the scripture does say about hearing God, let me voice a couple of things that will affect your hearing negatively “right off the bat.” Which are these …..

Sometimes we have been taught that God does not speak to His people today – and even though that is totally unfounded by scripture – if we have grown up with that mindset, we tend to think  that is  what the Word of God actually says ….  And unless we are willing to ask God to show us as we search it out for ourselves in His Word – then the premise that  “God does not talk to us today”  becomes what we “believe.”

Another  fallacy we need to see for what it is – is that we necessarily know more about God than the person beside us because we have been born again longer …. or we have family ties or “closer connections” inside the church – these things making us to be more spiritually advanced than most others! Indeed we can learn some good things from any of those three things that I just mentioned – but the best “yardstick” to use in measuring how well you are hearing and experiencing the leadership of God is this … “How well and how often – do you hear an answer that you KNOW is from Him – when you have needed help and asked for His input?

Also, you should be – at least occasionally – hearing His voice giving some kind of input as you read His Word.  By and large we get to know God for who He is by actually spending time with Him and in His word – for ourselves!  – and then we need to go on and follow any instructions that He gave as we spent that time with Him.  (The Holy Spirit is a very good teacher – actually He’s the best! )  And learning to hear God speak to us personally comes the very same way – spend time with Him and in His word  – and then do anything that He has shown you to do!  And yes, we do need good teachers – God particularly gifted some to teach others in the Body of Christ  (Ephesians 4:11,12) – but we need to follow up on that teaching by doing what the Apostle Paul said of the Berean Christians in Acts 17:11 … that they “received the teaching of God’s word with all readiness of mind, then searched the scriptures daily to see whether those things they had heard were so.”

Can you and I hear the voice  of God?                                                                                   ….. and should we be hearing Him for important decisions that arise in our day to day living?  The answer to both those questions is unequivocally – YES!  But you and I need to go with what the word of God has to say – so let’ s begin to look at that.

First of all, we are all on an “equal footing” with God when we are born again – in that He gives to every person who receives Jesus the capacity  to begin to see and understand the things of the Kingdom of God (John 1:12; John 3:3-6).   And when the Spirit of God speaks to us/reveals something to us, it will be from His Spirit to our spirit…..  because the things of God are “spiritually discerned.” And “the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord” (Proverbs 20:27)  God “lights our candle” (Psalm 18:28)  in order to illuminate us with the understanding of things He wants us to know –  because “the natural man (our flesh man) is not equipped to receive and understand  the things of the spirit.”  See I Corinthians 2:9-14.  (Note that it is not talking strictly about the things God has for us in the afterlife/Heaven – for we will not need Him to reveal them to us there – but right here is where we need that revelation of what belongs to us.)

In John 10:3,4 Jesus – our Good Shepherd – tells us that as we grow from babes into more mature ones – we will know His voice so that we can follow His leading.  It is normal for those who know Jesus to begin to hear His voice….  And there are some things we can do – according to God’s word that will lend to more hearing.

I will begin to share about some of those things in another post.  Until then, if you have not already read the posts that I put on this site about what happens to you when you are born again,  they are titled “A Post About Beginnings”  Jan.15 and “The Best Beginning of All” on Jan 22.  You can find them the most quickly by going to the right side of this post – at the top right – just under the picture of the sunrise –  and listed under “Recent Posts.”


Because I think it’s important that you know a few things about the person  who is writing and sharing with you on this blog – and the purpose for doing the blog – I’m going to share about that here with you…… So the following is a little bit of “my story.”

As the Apostle Paul once said, “I haven’t arrived yet – but I have come a long way from where I started.”  That’s the reason I am doing this blog.  I want to help others who are walking in some of the places I have walked – and could use a little help to keep moving forward in their relationship with God.

My heart is full to share things that have helped me and blessed me along the way.  I remember and feel very keenly the longing …. just to hear Him!  I’m hearing much better now – and I’m still hungry to go further – but at least now I know more about “how to get there!”

Jesus is my Savior – and I have had such an incredible journey getting to know Him that I have a lot  of things to share!  Mistakes – yes, I’ve made them – but I have come such a long way since I received Jesus in 1978.  I was a young single mother then, and boy did I need Him!  I needed the change that knowing Him began to bring – and in the years that followed, I received a lot of His wonderful healing.  I began also to receive some of the “gifts” that God’s word says belong to us – and on this blog I will share out of the particular gifts that He has given me.

To be a little more descriptive about the things you will find on this blog site, I can tell you that it will include: Inspirational and devotional writings, Psalms and poems – which I write as I hear; writings that lend to personal worship; and short teachings on subjects where the Spirit of God has instructed me.  The substance of what He gives me as I have fellowship with Him is what I will share with you on this blog.

I value your input – through comments or questions.  And now I would like to welcome any and all who visit this blog – I’m so glad you are here!