Encouraged to Believe…. “Everything’s Going to be Okay”

Several years ago, something happened in my relationship with the Lord that has continued to be a great encouragement to my faith “to believe God that it will be just as He has told me”…And  I believe that sharing my story will encourage your faith too…

It began as one of those unexpected things – a thing which could have easily became a major problem for me – if just one of the three people who needed to hear and obey God had failed to do so.

In those days – when stock markets were dropping and houses not selling – it took my best efforts just to keep the bills paid!  On this particular occasion, I had everything budgeted and was waiting on the pay check due in about a week for the rest of the money needed to pay my bills….. But this day, I was in for an unpleasant surprise… For when I arrived at work my employer asked me for the keys to the store… She was in the process of closing the business!  I gave her the keys.. We said our goodbyes.. and we both got in our cars to leave……

Was I feeling fearful??   I likely would have been – my circumstances being what they were (and too detailed to mention here) –  BUT GOD KNEW what was coming.. and He had already set the wheels in motion to supply what I was going to need!….

For just the day before – I had gotten a call from a pastor in another state who had often prayed for me and my family….. The conversation was brief and to the point… “I don’t know what this is about,” he said ” but the Lord told me to call you and tell you “that everything is going to be okay.” I responded that I didn’t know what it was about either, but thanked him for calling.  Thinking  about it, I knew him too well to doubt that he’d heard God – but knowing nothing of what was in the works at that time concerning my job, I laid those words aside.

Now back to the store where I had just lost my job….. As I got into my car to leave there,  I remembered the words of the old pastor from yesterday… And I said to God – “I don’t know “HOW” You’re going to do it – but I believe that “everything is going to be okay.. just as You said!”  And with that, I proceeded to make the short drive to my apartment – where – as I was still in the parking lot gathering my things to get out of the car, my cell phone rang….

Seeing that the call was coming from a friend in another state, I quickly answered it…… and heard an excited voice telling me that she had just been given quite a bit of money from a relative who “felt” that he should give her a small part of her inheritance NOW.”  She didn’t tell me the amount she had been given, but began excitedly to tell me that.. as she was being handed the money, she heard the Lord tell her to give me a certain amount of it!  I then proceeded to tell her about what had just happened to me – losing my job and with it, the pay check I needed to pay the bills… And then, hundreds of miles away, this friend rejoiced with me as we realized how God had been at work to meet my needs – and bring good things into both our lives!

The money that the Lord had instructed this friend to give to me was enough to take care of my bills for the two months ahead until I again had a steady income.  I am ever grateful for the three dear people who heard from God – and acted  on what He asked them to do!

Several years have passed now, but I still feel a joy whenever I think of this “adventure” that I had in my relationship with the Lord and how it makes me ever mindful that.. you and I can believe God!  We can believe God that it shall be even as He has told us… and be encouraged “that everything is going to be okay!”  

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