Part 3 – Praying in the Spirit … Why Pray in Tongues ?

When you or I speak or pray in an unknown tongue – we are not speaking to men, but to God …. in fact I Corinthians 14:2  informs us that in the spirit we are speaking /praying the mysteries of God.  . and as we pray those mysteries that God is depositing into our spirit – we are being “set up” for God to begin to direct us and our lives in those things that He desires for us and for the people for whom we pray.

God wisely and lovingly put this together in this way  – because you and I don’t always know (actually we seldom know)  the whole picture concerning things that we need to know …. but He wisely deposits the knowledge we need about  those things into our spirit as our spirit prays (I Cor 14:14)…. And one very good reason for that is  – as we see in  Romans 8:26 – “we know not what, or how to pray as we ought”…..And  just as God intends to answer the prayers that we give voice to in English – even so, those prayers we are giving voice to that come in tongues out of us as we pray in the spirit – He intends to answer!

And I can honestly tell you that my prayer life – both the satisfaction of it and the answers to prayer – multiplied as I learned to spend time praying in the spirit (that is because you are much more likely to be praying “according to His will”)…. And I quickly noticed how much more alive the Word of God became to me as well.  It is as the old quote says “the proof is in the pudding.”  So I was very soon “sold” on the value of praying in the spirit….. and  It didn’t hurt that a hero of mine – the Apostle Paul – valued personal prayer in the spirit so highly that he told the Corinthians “I thank my God that I pray in tongues more than you all”… (and you can note that he didn’t have time to waste on things that weren’t important!) – So since he urged us to “follow me as I follow the Lord” …..

Perhaps  praying in the spirit should likewise be a priority to you and me – don’t you think?   I can also tell you that after praying in tongues for 15 – 20 minutes or so, I will generally  feel/or hear some things in English rising up in my spirit to pray for – and I will go with that until it feels “emptied out” – then I begin again praying in the spirit until I finish the time I have to give to praying – or until something else rises up in my spirit such as worship or maybe one of the writings that He frequently downloads into my spirit.  I have also learned that I can continue quietly praying in the spirit even after I leave the “place” of prayer and become involved in house work – or driving the car – or laying down to rest,  etc, etc……

If you think I place great value on praying in the spirit, you are very right and if you think I am urging you to  spend a little time developing that habit, you are right again.  You can start by taking 15 minutes  out of your day (or more if you can) aside from other things and begin praying in tongues.  Day by day as you pray – the Spirit of God gives you the utterance – so that you can know it is as perfect a prayer as you could possibly pray … and one that He will take coming from your lips – and answer in the best possible ways as you continue in those times of fellowship with Him…… praying in the Holy Ghost – as Jude 20,21  refers to it.  I am excited for you as you begin “building yourself up praying in the Holy Ghost!”

Thank You Lord for this incredible gift You gave to the Church….. I pray that many more of Your people will come to understand its value and receive it as a precious gift from You to them.

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