Part 2 – Being a Doer of the Word… Wielding the Sword of the Spirit

In this post, I will share a little about learning to use the Word of God as your sword of deliverance against attacks of the enemy….as Jesus did. This enemy that I  refer to here is specifically referred to as “your adversary, the devil” in I Peter 5:8…. and also named “the tempter” in Matthew 4 – as he comes to tempt Jesus to do other than what God had sent Him to this earth to do…. That is where we see Jesus taking the Word of God to “answer” every thing that the devil suggests to Him that He should do – but each time, Jesus answered and said “It is written…..” – using the Word of God to shut the enemy down – ie. we see that after his third unsuccessful attempt to lure Jesus away from His standing in God, verse 11 says  “the devil left Him.” Jesus resisted the devil and he left!

And that is exactly what the Word instructs you and  I to do when we find ourselves being tempted by this enemy….. because according to I Peter 5:8,9  “your adversary, the devil – as a roaring lion – walketh about seeking whom he may devour (oppose, swallow up) – whom we are to “resist – stedfast in the faith (the faith in what God has said)”….  that means that we are to speak in line with what God has said.  When the enemy comes to suggest anything contrary to what God has said about a matter – then you and I are to resist that temptation by speaking according to what God has indeed said about that matter.   Being a “doer of the Word” means that we apply the Word to our situation…. for as we do this, we are ” announcing”-  in effect – that we believe God that it shall be even as He has told us.  That is our resistance – it affects to “disconnect” us/our situation from the suggestions that the enemy is tempting us to take over what God has said….  And we are told to hold fast to our speaking according to what God has said..for His words SHALL BE FULFILLED “in their season.” (Luke 1:20)

How can such things be??  We have to get out of our own (man’s) way of thinking – because as Isaiah 55:9-11 (paraphrased) tells us – God thinks higher than you and I do.  His ways are higher than our ways …. and what He speaks, He is able to perform and intends to perform.  And as we get to know and trust Him, we can more and more be able to say with the Apostle Paul (Acts 27:25) “I believe God that it shall be even as He told me” – in the face of a storm that had raged so violently for days against the ship he was in – that all hope that they could be saved had been taken away……but the Apostle Paul said “I believe God that it shall be even as He told me”! … and so it was – for him – and so it can be for us!

…….And like Mary, whom God had chosen to be the mother of Jesus (Luke 1:26-38) – who though being a virgin at the time – understood that “with God nothing shall be impossible”…. and with these words: “Be it unto me according to Your Word”– gave her consent for the power of God to “overshadow/ envelope” her – causing this miracle of conception to take place in her.  Likewise with our words of agreement with what God has said, we release Him to begin to bring to pass the promise He has given us.  

The words that God speaks  have the power to perform to bring about  WHATEVER  He has promised! …. But realize this – that HE HAS MADE US to be  labourers together with Him in this process….. BECAUSE…..He gives us His Word and it is with you and I even as He said to Mary  “Blessed is he or she that believes – for there shall be a performance of those things that were told her from the Lord.”

God’s Words – are the sword we use to cut off the suggestions of the enemy …. and they are the words we speak to bring forth what God has purposed for our lives and for His Kingdom!  Its not because you and I are such hot rods – but it is because God cannot fail – and His words SHALL BE FULFILLED in their season…. He wants us to get in there and believe so that they can be fulfilled in our lives!


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